Ozawa Violin School


~ Tuition 2018 Spring ~

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13 weeks Program


Violin Course


You have one private lesson (half an hour) and one hour-long group lesson every week that you learn how to play the violin with good technique and playing in an ensemble to learn musicianship playing together with others, rhythm, intonation, songs, behaves and keep having fun with music. Ozawa Method requires to learn how to read the music. To cover the group classes and performances, it is very important to take private lessons that you can learn good technique, more songs to each students. There is a final performance to complete the semester as a group and solo.


Group Violin Classes - Saturday at 3p (tentative)

(possible to change date&time, depends on sign up students )

Private Lessons - Thu, Fri and Sat


$ 845 ←$975 (one group violin class and 30min private lesson weekly plus final performance to complete the semester for solo and ensemble)


13 Saturdays

Spring Semester Schedule

March 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st

April 14th, 21st, 28th

May 5th, 12th, 19th,

June 2nd, 9th


(accepting sing up before 4/10/18 for spring semester - you will have new fee with the weeks you have if you sing up after the semester begins) 


Additional piano lesson


If you take Violin Course, you have a special price for the additional piano lessons. 


$455 (20 min. private piano lesson weekly if you take violin course) 


Private Violin Lessons

In this course, you take only private lesson weekly to focus improving your skill and technique.

$780 (30 min. private violin weekly plus final performance to complete the semester)

($1040 - 45 m., $1300 - 60m.)


Private Piano Lessons


You will have a weekly private piano lessons to learn how to play piano. The goal is learning each student solo performance as well as learning the ability of musicianship to play in ensemble too. There is a final performance to complete the semester as a solo and a selected student may have the opportunity to play with ensemble.


$715 (30 min piano private lesson weekly plus final performance to complete the semester)

($975 - 45m, $1235 - 60m)


Group Class (SEEDS 1 - pre twinkle - absolute beginner young students only)


This class is for absolute beginner and age between 3 years old and 7 years old students only. This is a perfect trial setting to begin violin study in a group situation. You join a weekly violin group classes for 13 weeks learning basics to play violin as well as reading notes and learning songs. 


$455 ( one hour long group class weekly for 13 weeks and one performance to complete semester)




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Orientation and Audition also Q&A


March 3rd, Saturday 3p - 5p

March 4th, Sunday 2p - 4p


Appointment ONLY


Please email at ozawaviolinschool@gmail.com to make an appointment. 


Thanks and hope to see you!!


Machiko Ozawa